LEDE/OpenWrt Image Build Instructions

We are going to need to clone the LEDE and transitd repos,

$ git clone -b v17.01.4 https://git.lede-project.org/source.git lede
$ git clone --depth=1 git://github.com/transitd/transitd.git

Then, we need to copy some build helper files into the LEDE folder,

$ cp transitd/lede/build/* transitd/lede/build/.* lede/

Now, cd into the LEDE folder and begin the process,

$ cd lede

We need to nuke the lnum patch set which is a breaking change to Lua that will prevent transitd from working,

$ ./lnum.nuke.sh

The feed magic script prioritizes the transitd feed packages over other LEDE packages that also provides some extra dependency packages.

$ ./feedmagic.sh

Update the provided .config file and select any additional packages that you may need (optional),

$ make oldconfig
$ make menuconfig

Now issue the build command,

$ make -j 10