Transit Daemon
Your community network's Internet gateway system

Easy Build

Don't get distracted by the need to provide Internet access when building a community network. Let Transit Daemon handle default route configuration for your users.

Community Engagement

Empower users by enabling easy exchange of Internet access.  No technical knowledge required.

Cost Savings

Enable Internet access provider competition and save costs for your network operators and users.

Automatic Bootstrapping

Transit Daemon instances can operate without any initial configuration.  Bootstrapping is done automatically from null state.

Dual Mode

Transit Daemon is dual mode.  Subscribers can find gateways and connect to them.  Gateways can publish their availability and accept connections.

Open Source

Transit Daemon is free and open source.  Everyone is welcome to use and extend it.

Technology Agnostic

Transit Daemon can be used with a wide range of supported network configurations, routing protocols, tunneling methods and payment arrangements.

Designed for Routers

Transit Daemon is designed to run on routers with limited system resources.


Transit Daemon is completely decentralized.  Transitd instances can operate without Internet access.