Each node runs a daemon. The daemon sends and receives messages over HTTP JSON RPC interface. The web UI is also available over HTTP. Subscribers can request connections with gateways. Connection sessions have a short lifetime and need to be renewed. The daemon manages networking configuration on both ends, which can be adjusted in the configuration file. Knowledge of available gateways on a network is gained by occasionally scanning the network and adding the new information into the DHT.



All interactions with the daemon and between daemon instances are done through HTTP JSON RPC API.


The following RPC functions are available.

  • nodeInfo()
  • requestConnection(sid, name, port, method, options)
  • renewConnection(sid)
  • releaseConnection(sid)

In case of success, the following object is returned,

{ success: true, .... }

In case of error, the following object is returned,

{ success: false, errorMsg: "...." }